About Us

THK Co., Ltd is established in the year 2004 is duly registered with Department of Marine Administration ( D.M.A ) , Ministry of Transport , Government of the Union of Myanmar and permitted to do as Crew Manning agent .

We are one of the reputed and leading maritime crewing agent in Yangon, Myanmar. As a crewing and manning agent, the company is engaged in recruiting well qualified , experienced , professional and skilled seafarers to international vessels. We deploy Myanmar Seafarers and shipping Crews for foreign based companies. We help ship owners to find real professional , personal with good reputation , capable of working on any type of vessels or according to requirements. We recruit highly qualified , hard working , irrespective of any circumstance disciplined officers and ratings enjoy the challenges of currier at sea and thus producing high quality work. We have excellent and extremely good relation with Department of Marine Administration ( D.M.A ) and closely work with to form policies, regulation and government agencies that them to form courage growth and regulate the industry .

THK Co., Ltd gives guarantee of supplying seafarers to meet specific qualifications and crewing requirements of vessels quickly and at reasonable costs. With our competent professional we assure fully guarantee regarding handling of all matters relating to requirement and management of the crew . we take full responsibilities for our supplied crews who shall be physically and mentally fit to perform their assigned duties . We also further guarantee for their well qualified professionalism .

Is the employment of seafarers and contributing to the economy and meeting the needs of Ship owners. We will adhere to a policy of maintaining the high standard required by our principle. We strongly believe that our commitment of fulfillment to your requirements undoubtedly would prosper goodwill on mutual benefit .

To provide quality and reliable services to our customers . To remain forever committed to excellence. To explorer and discover new horizons. To Unabatedly provide for our people adequate opportunities for professional growth.

To achieve each “end” tempered by “ quality means” . To make constructive contributions to the society at large . To allot facility for officers and crews .

We believe in Trust and Openness in our dealings. We believe in respecting the dignity of individuals . we believe in continuously improving upon our branch marks .

First Class service , protection of the environment, innovation thinking ,ambition and high energy levels are the qualities that will see us through the challenges in the years to come.